e aim to provide the foundation necessary for your child to love the game and improve their skills.

Whether your child is new to golf or is looking for a program designed to make them the best player they can be, we have exactly what they need.  We have clinics that are for everyone looking to enjoy the game and small group classes designed specifically for those looking to push themselves to be as good as they can be. 

Clinics, Groups, and Camps

Champions Clinics

Fun and learning for all ages.  We cover everything from the proper grip to the basic rules of golf through time on the both the practice range and golf course.  Continuing the tradition Tony Gonzales set in place over 30 years ago, our goal is to help your child fall in love with the game of golf.  

$120 per session

6 week sessions

3/23 - 4/11

Monday Nights |  6 pm - 7 pm


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Week 1

Location: Practice Green and Short Game Area

Focus: Putting

Intention: Learning how to putt properly is the foundation for the entire golf swing.  Through a fun putting course will learn the proper grip, stance and posture. The more experienced players will focus on distance control.  


Week 2

Location: Practice Green and Short Game Area

Focus: Chipping

Intention: We will revisit what it means to have the proper grip, stance, and posture through a game called “Clang It”.  The students will try to hit metal buckets on the green that make a noise when a ball hits them. A point system and score card will be given.  New and novice golfers struggle to hit down on the golf ball producing a good golf shot. Instruction will be given to help the students get the ball in the air and rolling towards their target.


Week 3

Location: Driving Range

Focus: Short Irons

Intention: Hitting the ball farther requires a great foundation.  Balance is the key to being able to rotate around a players spine and hit a great golf shot.  Most young golfers have a hard time using their feet and lower body properly. Each player is different and we will adjust the rest of each players swing according to their tendencies.  


Week 4

Location: Driving Range

Focus:  Drivers

Intention:  Learning how to “get off the tee” is important.  Most amateurs try to hit their driver too hard and take too long of a backswing.  This makes it very difficult to maintain the proper balance and hit a consistently good golf shot.  We will teach the students how to swing at the target instead of getting “stuck” in their backswing.


Week 5

Location: On Course

Focus:  Rules and Etiquette

Intention: No matter how many times a student goes through the program a reminder of the etiquette and rules of golf is important.  Golf is a game of honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship and we cover everything from not cheating to how to rake a sand trap properly.   


Week 6

Location: On Course

Focus: Experience

Intention: We will hit a few drives but will spend most of our time hitting shots from about 75 yards from the green.  Many amateur golfers waste too many shots from close to the green and we want to fill our students with the knowledge they need to get it in the hole with as few shots as possible.  We will putt several putts from the back of the green helping students keep their balance and proper spine angle.


Week 7

Location: On Course

Focus:  Target Challenge

Intention:  There’s a lot of meaning to the old saying, “Keep it in the short grass.”  Learning to hit the fairway off the tee and hit the green when you have the opportunity makes all the difference in the end score.  We will play games where points are assigned when fairways and target areas are hit.


Week 8

Location: Driving Range and Short Game Area

Focus: Review the Basics Challenges

Intention:  Fun will be had and prizes will be given if small and difficult targets are hit.  Our focus is to make sure our students have a proper grip and good posture when they participate in several different challenges.  We will have a long putt contest where students will try to make the putt across the green and a small bucket where students will try to make shots in from different lengths.

Champs Camp

Fun and learning for all ages.  We cover everything from the proper grip to the basic rules of golf through time on the both the practice range and golf course.  Continuing the tradition Tony Gonzales set in place over 30 years ago, our goal is to help your child fall in love with the game of golf.  

$350 per week

• June 15th - 18th 
• 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
• Ages 8 - 15
• All skill levels

Julington Creek Golf Club and New Way Golf are excited to announce our first annual JC Kids Golf Camp.   Our camp will cover the basics of the New Way Golf Swing, short game fundamentals, and basic golf course etiquette in a positive and fun learning environment. 


  • We'll cover the Gatorade

  • Bring a reusable water bottle

  • Pack your lunch or buy it from the restaurant at the Golf Course

  • Proper golf course attire required - No Tank Tops

  • Bring one dozen golf balls for on the course practice   

designed for select

youth wanting to

push themselves

to be their best


Prep Groups

We have put a lifetime of experience into creating a program we call the Prep Group.  Groups of 10 select students in each age and gender category learn every detail of the game.  Through competitive training and skill building drills they learn to push themselves toward their goals on and off the golf coarse.  

$100 per month

1x per week

1.5 hour classes











Full Swing

Short game








All Monthly and Yearly Program Package Pricing is based on 45 classes per year and 4 classes per month.  This does not necessarily mean if there are 5 weeks in a particular month that you will only receive 4 lessons.  It just means there are 7 weeks a year that all New Way Golf Activities will be cancelled.  The price you pay per month is averaged out over 45 lessons.  We will do our best to always let you know at least 2 weeks in advance when there will be no classes.  A three month commitment is required.