We are a  preparatory golf program designed to help young ladies succeed at golf and life. 

The Prep Group

After receiving a “full ride” scholarship to a

division one College, the excitement soon faded.  I quickly realized the reality of

being on a division one golf team was much more involved than I anticipated.  The 5 am 5 mile runs, the workout routines, the scheduled stretching sessions, the class schedule, the pressure of trying to make the traveling team, and the many other demands of playing collegiate level sports left me wishing I had properly prepared.   Now, after starting and selling several businesses, I know the dedication it takes to do something well.  Golf is no different. If you are looking for an ongoing program built to prepare you for playing competitive golf this is your opportunity to give your dream everything you have.  If you're ready to work hard, this could be the difference in you or your child's dream coming true.


"My daughter has grown as a golfer and a person!"

~ Parent of Participant




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We are more than golf lessons in Fruit Cove, Jacksonville, St Johns County, Mandarin.  We are a program to learn better golf. 1111 Durbin Creek Blvd, St Johns, FL 32259