is impacting the game more than you think.



2.6 million people tried golf for the first time in 2017.

were female!

“The number of females in junior golf now is a third of the total number, nearly double of what it was in 1995.”

~ Golf Digest

"1/3 of 15 million non-golfers surveyed who are very interested in taking up the

sport in the future are women."

         ~ National Golf Foundation

"Girls' high school golf participation skyrockets"


Highschool Golf Statistics 2013 - 2018

"Boys involvement in golf fell 5.6%" 


"Girls involvement in golf rose 10.9%"


This is not just a game for the guys anymore. 


                    Ladies are lovin' it!

So, how are

they going to learn the game?  Well...

That's why a program is needed.

That's why we exist.

The game prepares the person.  We just facilitate it in the right way.



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