It's not a lesson, it's a program

A ninja practices specific and methodical 

moves until they know they are ready to move on.  Most golf instruction is the opposite of this approach and people wonder why they struggle.  Whether you take private lessons, group classes or any other variety of learning methods we offer, you will learn like a Black Belt, not a crash test dummy.

Our unique program model is an affordable way to learn.

HOW DO we become the

golfer we want to be? 

How do we replace the flaws in our swing with the know how and ability to produce a golf swing capable of shooting the scores we want?  To answer that question, we have to step into the mind of a Ninja.


Learn like Bruce.  Do Like Bruce.

I fear not the man who has practiced

10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man

who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

                                         ~Bruce Lee

Our Services:

We are not your typical golf teaching professionals. While we do offer an introductory personal lesson, we do not offer random ongoing lessons for students who have not gone through the basics of our program. We do not offer lesson packages because we know a few lessons will not make you a better golfer, not for long.  Instead, we offer learning programs designed for lasting improvement.



  • Understanding the New Way Golf Swing

  • Learn from drills

  • Become Left Side Dominate

  • Golf Grip

  • Proper Posture

  • Stance Width

  • Weight Distribution

  • Understanding Balance

  • Too Close or Too Far

  • Golf Ball Position

  • Head Behind the Ball

  • Set Up

  • How to use the ground

  • Why the Bad Shots

  • Balance


Weight Shift

  • Hip Turn - left shots right shots

  • What muscles to feel

  • Reverse Pivot

  • Tempo Finder Drill

  • Right Foot Downswing


Big Muscles

  • It’s about Speed not Power - Unless your Tiger

  • Fix Back Pain

  • Shorten Your Swing

  • Downswing starts first

  • Do not take away with your arms

  • Legs are your foundation

  • Load your legs

  • How and when to use your Tushy


Hip Turn

  • Hip Speed

  • Too Much Turn

  • Use Your Belt


Left Side is Key

  • Maintain Posture

  • Over the Top

  • Getting Stuck

  • Where’s the Top

  • Left Arm Straight


Proper Impact

  • Elbow determines Direction

  • Wrist and Knuckles

  • Compress the Ball

  • Front View

  • Rear View


Lag and Speed

  • Hit the Fastball

  • Stop Casting

  • Wide Narrow Wide


The Release

  • Left Hand Strong

  • Loosen your right hand


Then The Club

  • Don’t Flip it

  • Wrist Hinge


Then The Right Arm

  • Avoid Cupping your wrist

  • Shoulder Height


Then The Grip

  • Pinky

  • Thumbs

  • Knuckles



  • Loft Angle Attack

  • Set Up

  • Lag


Advanced Short Game

  • Low Wedge Shot

  • Flop Shot

  • 25 yards

  • Spin It

  • Putt the Chip

  • Downhill

  • Chipping



  • Left or Right

  • Small Muscles Big Misses

  • Alignment

  • Set Up

  • Reading Greens

  • Strategy


Bunker Shots

  • Uphill

  • Downhill

  • Long Short

  • High

  • Low


Advanced Shots

  • Downhill lies

  • Uphill Lies

  • Sidehill Lies

  • Draw

  • Fade

  • Snap Hook

  • Low Driver

  • Punch Shot under the tree

  • Into the Wind

We offer 5 Categories of Learning

  • Swing Program

  • Minus 100 Program

  • Skills Program

  • Mastermind Program

  • Fitness Program

We offer 5 Ways to Learn 

  • Classes - up to 3:1

  • Workshops - up to 20:1 (4,8,14, 21) hours

  • Private Lessons - 45, 90 minute sessions

  • Video Check In(s) - Upload, Review, Critique

  • Homework Plans - Drills, Repetition, Practice

Swing Program - 

While there are obvious skills to learn in different sports, most sports, requiring the use of your entire body, are reactionary in nature.  The pitcher throws the baseball, the batter reacts. This means only the most athletically inclined have the ability to exceed in the sport. The golf swing is different.  You approach a sedentary golf ball and need to get it from point A to point B. The problem is most golfers get in their own way. Just like hammering a nail, there is a most efficient way to move your body to do so.  Once you know the best way to drive a nail, you know it’s the best way, and you don’t forget the proper actions necessary.


Every muscle and every joint in your body is designed to move a certain way in a certain sequence. This means the only thing standing in between you and great golf is practice using the right process.  We are offering you that process.

Our Programs 

Minus 100 program -

Some of the best ball strikers in the world you will never know about.  Why? They don’t know how to score from 100 yards and in.


This is something that requires a lot of time.  From putting to chipping to wedge play and everything in between we help you learn the shots you need to score better.  This program is, truly, a lot of fun.


While the basics of The New Way Golf swing process remains the same for a 90 yard shot as it does for 170 yard shot the set up and sequencing vary a great deal.  The ball has to approach the green many different ways to end up as close to the hole as possible and you have to know when and where to use the right approach shot.  

Skills Program -

The high fade, the low fade, the hook, draw, skip it across the lake, Phil it off the hillside, Tiger it out of trap, and Bubba it to the moon are not only fun shots to learn but can save a round or destroy one. Spend some time learning the speciality shots and how and when to use them.

Mastermind Program -

It’s not only what you learn but how you learn that creates success.  The best players in the world know their swing is only part of their golf success.  How you think through the game will determine how you play. Unless you’ve mastered the mental side of golf, this part of our program can dramatically change your game, lower your scores, and teach you how to have more fun.  From teaching our younger students ethics of the game to our adult classes thought strategies on the course, everyone has something to learn. We teach concentration, discipline, and mental strategies in our unique Mastermind program.

Fitness Program -

If you love golf and love the idea of being in the best shape to play it, this is a part of our program we are very proud to make you aware of.  When it comes to physical fitness, you are either a person that knows they need more of it or knows they need to continue it. Whether your age or ability division requires more stretching, more cardio, or more strength training we will give you the necessary structure to be the best version of you.  



Video doesn’t lie -

Every professional on tour has a swing coach looking at their swing on a regular basis to make sure they maintain their best version of their swing.  In most classes we film each golfer and give each student in that class a separate drill they need to work on. Being part of our classes offer golfers of all skills an affordable way to keep their swing in check. Having a professional maintain your swing is the key to consistent improvement.

Video Check In  -

You can purchase 1 video check in before you are a New Way Golf Student but once you’ve taken at least 10 hours of our swing instruction, you are eligible for our Video Check In Program.  Film your video from your phone and with the click of a button we will have access to review your swing. Then, we will give you recommendations and the appropriate drills to work on.